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Your story has the power to inspire and change the way that your customers think about your work. But findability matters and that is where the data science of  SEO comes in.


Not being seen means lost business, lost revenue, and wasted time.

A great content strategy that is integrated with data science enhanced SEO, can transform your business. It increases revenue, improves conversion rates, and builds long-term customer loyalty. 

SEO & Data Science

Increasing conversions and scaling up your revenue require more than well-written content. To build thought leadership and dominate your niche, you need to understand how your messaging works, and if anyone is finding you online.

The magic of SEO (search engine optimization) and the measuring of the data that it creates, gives your business the advantage of deep insight into your customer’s needs, wants, and buying intentions. We can help you know what your customer searches for, and be the business that is there with the answers.

Communications Strategy

Communications strategy includes not only your content like blogs, articles, and social posts, but your email campaigns, paid ads, technical SEO, and video.

Having a clear, detailed plan for your communications keeps your messaging on target and on track. Each week, your message targets a need that your ideal customer feels. You provide value, answer questions and create brand loyalty.

The best part? We do it for you. No need to hire employees or spend time and money learning communication marketing, we are here to help.

Content & Copywriting

As a tech or tech-adjacent business, you need to tell your story and offer value to your customers online. To build niche dominating thought leadership, that content needs to be concise, clear, and well written.

With done-for-you executive-level content, your business can be the one that offers the answers that your customers (and Google) seek.

You never have to worry that your content isn’t authoritative, expert, and trustworthy. Our certified writers create AI-enhanced content that can transform your conversion rates and get you talking to the new leads quickly.

Content Marketing

Executive level SEO copywriting takes you from just a business to thought leadership. The power of your story builds authority and trustworthiness. It helps you dominate your niche. We craft white-glove SEO-integrated copywriting and content that is not only CREATIVE but drives higher conversions. It’s reputation building that gets you to the 1st page of search results 



Building your brand means more than just website content. You need to talk to your customers to grow. Content strategy creates a plan. Using nurture emails, video scripts, articles, and blogs that do more than talk to your customers, we help you transform your business and increase conversions and revenue.

virtual marketing dept

Our team is dedicated to making your business a success.

As a small tech firm, you might not be ready to hire an internal marketing team to build your business. Hiring costs, training, increasing your overhead…it isn’t the time.

Right now you need to focus on offering world-changing tech that can help your customers succeed.

Web Design

and Development

Your visual story is as important as the written one. As a full-spectrum agency, we offer the MAGIC of a CREATIVE design that ensures that your brand and website bring your message to life. Our team works with our writers to bring you the whole package.

Technical SEO

Your story has power, but it takes tech to get it seen. Our technical SEO team takes your business to the top of search results where it is 80% more likely to convert. Telling your story isn’t a one-and-done, it takes consistency and expertise to get results. It is the MAGIC of tech that makes the POWER of story happen.

Our Story


AOU Creative is a full-service digital communication agency born from the idea that you can transform your business using the power of story. Our highly professional written content uses the best SEO technology to get you to the top of search engine results.

Our team comprises the highest skilled professionals who create as writers, web designers, and technical experts across industries.

Our CEO and Chief Creative, Pam Foley leads this dynamic team.