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Content Strategy

To grow, your business needs more than standard content - it needs experience and data. A great strategy is essential to creating meaningful success with content marketing. We help you identify your ideal client and build a strategic plan that gets your story in front of them when they need to hear it most. Using data metrics, we are able to measure the engagement and effectiveness of your content on a micro-level - giving us the information we need to help you grow. A well-designed strategy gives you clarity about where to post your content and how often. From content calendars to influence maps, your story is in front of your buyer.


SEO Copywriting

Sales aligned SEO copywriting is persuasive content created with a goal in mind. Designed to bring attention to your business, leads to your sales team – and revenue to your business, it is persuasive story backed by an SEO strategic plan. Our proven 5-step process includes identifying your ideal client, building on social media with a focus on LinkedIn, LinkedIn sales, email list building, and relationship marketing. The result? Over 6-figure growth in sales revenue for clients consistently implementing the process. Find out what this data-driven process can do for your business today.

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Persuasive storytelling backed by the power of data science

Your B2B, mission-driven tech business isn’t like all of the rest – and your marketing shouldn’t be either. Our team of professional writers, data scientists, and web designers, (all with advanced degrees and certifications) has deep experience in their fields and can get you the measurable results others can’t. Using our proven 5-step process, we create a plan that your sales team and business can use to get attention (industry-leading thought leadership), get leads, and increase sales. Even better? It’s done-for-you marketing that takes the hassle of telling your story off your plate – and results into the hands of your team.

Persuasive storytelling, creative content, and SEO copywriting
Research, strategic planning, and data analysis
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Want to know more about the work that we’ve done for clients? Check out a few of our favorites.

ad clicks up 122%

ad clicks up 122%

Scott was frustrated by long sales cycles, few conversions, and lower revenue than he needed to grow the way he knew his business could. He didn't have a marketing team or time to start one. Six months later with AOU Creative as his content marketing partner, his website traffic is up 39%, organic Google paid ad clicks up 122%, 52 conversions, and over $100k in revenue increase.

New VC funding

New VC funding

Carly and her partners had a Saas product that needed an MVP (minimal viable product) launch, website content, and a content marketing strategy to get them In 90 days, a website was created and launched, content began to be added to social feeds, blogs, and news articles and sales started happening. Now, the team is talking to VC investors for a Series A round.

1st page in 30 days

1st page in 30 days

Using on and off-page SEO strategies, we took an NYC-based divorce therapist from the back of Google search results to the 1st page. That was great...and it happened in just 30 days. Now, she gets organic leads from search engines and her 2021 revenue is up. After a few more weeks, she is at the top of multiple pages and gaining clients on a regular basis.

Hired by ideal clients

Hired by ideal clients

Susan is a nationally recognized leader in her industry with a best-selling book and a full speaking calendar. But, after the pandemic closed many of the in-person events that had been her top lead resource, she needed a brand online. Over the past two years, we’ve created a solid content strategy that has resulted in increased engagement on LinkedIn and Twitter - and gotten her in front of the people that hire her.

Creating digital transformations for tech companies means that our work takes us across the nation
(well, digitally)

Creating digital transformations for tech companies means that our work takes us (well, digitally) across the nation. 

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