Social Selling

Visibility Matters!

Are you using outdated sales systems and skipping social selling? Or, are you marketing on social media but your brand is getting lost?

The problem is that social selling feels hard and even scary for your salespeople.

Selling online is different from other sales approaches. It requires using new technology and different interactions.

For example, let’s look at those spontaneous “hallway moments” that happen at conferences. Salespeople often turn to the person next to them to spontaneously discuss what they just witnessed on stage as a way to start a conversation.

These personal connections feel harder online – but these moments can happen on social platforms. They just have to be engineered a little differently.

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The old ways worked then. But now?

Like you – Jennifer doesn’t know what she needs to fill her pipeline with online leads – or how to build a sustainable business.

Your sales team can easily build relationships and get organic leads online.

Lead generation is key to increasing sales – and ABM targeted social selling can get you there.

Save your business time and money by helping your sales team learn to talk to the right people at the right time and build organic leads online.

Here is exactly what your salespeople need to do to find new leads online:

  • Identify your target audience/ideal client (IC)
  • Create a profile that strategically informs your IC
  • Engage daily on their social posts 
  • Create content that helps..inspires, educates, and informs
  • Create a community of engaged followers — the ones that follow your IC
  • Take them off social media and onto an email list
  • Reach out to them via email
  • Build a relationship and close

Ready to generate better leads online?