Do you have to have a superpower to be super?

Someone asked me today what is my superpower. At first, I kind of laughed it off because I feel like the phrase has been way overused over the past few years. But then I began to consider the idea — and pondered what actually is my superpower. It got me thinking about the power of […]

What is attention marketing — and why do you care?

Marketing guru Seth Godin says that is a business model that focuses on capturing users’ attention through non-invasive content rather than interrupting users’ attention with something like a pop-up ad. The idea is that once you attract the attention of your intended audience, you can build a relationship and make your offer at the right […]

The 3 best ways to make your readers think and get them to engage

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past decade (or are newer to your business or just haven’t paid attention), you know that everything that you write should create value for your reader and that content should focus on education, information, and relationship building rather than sales. The goal of content marketing is generally […]

7 Ways to be a better copywriter today

At this point, it is hard to find any business owner who doesn’t know that they should be creating content for their business. The phrase (warning?) that “content is king” is everywhere and the business world continues to move more and more online, despite any changes in the pandemic. You know that you need to […]

The top trends happening in content marketing now

There are a ton of things happening in the world of content marketing and digital strategy right now. The pandemic — and the shift it created for businesses – has led to folks moving much of their marketing online. Not only that, but new innovations are appearing that could change the landscape for those in […]

Name the thing you do

A clever, descriptive name can make all the difference in your findability and success “It’s in the name,” he said to me as we began to talk about his company and how to increase his visibility online. “Nobody knows what we do, what it means and they can’t spell it.”  This was a pretty extreme […]

Making good choices

When you were a kid, I bet your Mom would say things like: “make good choices.” I know I heard that – and said it to my own kids. Making choices is on my mind today. Not because of marketing (though we will certainly get to that) but because my daughter had to fill out […]

Create content that would make a snowman melt

Do you wanna build a snowman…. You might recognize that line. It’s from a catchy tune (in the movie Frozen) and it is one of those songs that sticks in your head the moment you hear it. Like forever (you’re welcome). Brilliantly written copy can do that. Don’t believe me? Can you tell me what […]

The best headline ever written? A copywriter’s query.

As an SEO copywriter, I work daily to create thought-provoking, interesting, and action inspiring headlines that drive traffic and peak curiosity enough to get readers to read. Has all of this work been in vain?    According to a recent New York Times article,  the best headline that has ever been written – ever – […]

10 Reasons why SEO and Copywriting go hand in hand

It isn’t a surprise that many business owners think about content marketing, copywriting, and SEO. It also probably will not shock you to hear that they think about these topics separately, but almost never as one thing.   That is a huge mistake that costs these owners time and money.   SEO (search engine optimization) […]