Confidence & Clarity

“If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me….” is a saying that has been around forever – and one that I could use for this blog. I almost laughed when it came to mind! for this blog about confidence.

What do people say that could get me rich if I only got paid each time they asked? They ask me how to start multiple businesses at once. The answer? You really can’t do both at once – at least not if want one to be a success. It’s about getting confidence about your goals and clear about what you need to achieve them.

Before you stop reading and start yelling about how you run multiple businesses and it is all well and good, let me tell you a statistic or two. By 2021, a full 75% of the US workforce will have a “side gig”, or more than one stream of income. That is a huge number! But, dig a little deeper and you see that it is only 16.8% of all employers in the US have fewer than 20 employees, and of those 1/2 survive their 3rd year and 75% use personal savings and home equity as funding.

 I don’t share those numbers to depress you, only to build your confidence, help with clarity and explain why it is hard to start and build two businesses at once. Building one business is hard enough – and really, who has the time to divide and try to build a second one?

So what about that 75%? The vast majority of those folks are in salaried positions for their “first” job, making it slightly easier to have a second one. 

Getting clear on your strategy for success, right down to the answer to the question what do you do?” – is essential for confidence and success.

Once you are crystal clear – the next secret to success is confidence. You have read about it here before, but truly believing in yourself and what you do – it is magnetic! 

When you can convince someone that you are an expert in your craft – they will start to know, like and trust you – and buy from you. 

Pam Parker Foley

Pam Parker Foley


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