This blog has so many titles! Truth is, I couldn’t choose between the idea of mentorship, student and teacher and also, leadership. You see, I think they are intertwined, and with out an element of each – everything is out of balance.

That is the conundrum of mentorship. Of course, there is much for all of us to learn – in life, in business….so much! And when we are truly ready, the teacher seems to appear. All of which is a blessing.

But what happens when the teacher stays too long? When the lesson has been learned and the student begins to feel stifled by the teacher? How do you know, as a student, when you are ready to come from the shadow of your mentor and into being a leader on your own?

I think it happens suddenly. One day, a student simply begins to stand up and step away. This is painful for the relationship, but necessary for the leader to emerge. And the best way for you to build your own story.

It’s like a breakup of a company or a marriage.  At some point, mentorship just ends. And then, soon, another teacher appears to show us the next step. That’s balance.

Pam Parker Foley

Pam Parker Foley


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