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SEO Copywriting

It's time for you to get serious about getting leads selling more growth

Our 4 Step process

Streamline your message across all platforms. From your website to your social media, your customers will know your story. 


To get visible you need a solid understanding of your brand, your ideal customer and the story you want to tell. We start every new engagement with a full brand review and ideal persona design. You wouldn’t build a house without a foundation, and we won’t build your business without one either.


Being visible means being seen online. Your customers are looking for you on sites like Google. Technical SEO gets you to the top of search results so they can find you. Don’t let your business be a secret, get found, tell your story and grow.


Your business has a story to share and it is time to get it in front of your ideal customers. With persuasive copy, your story will inspire the ready to take action. They’ll click, subscribe and buy when your copy is created with action and influence in mind. It’s more than just words, it’s story.


Every business needs a social media strategy to get visible online. From what to share, when and where, we can help you get your message in front of the people who will help you grow. It’s more than simply posting, we’ll create an engagement strategy that gets people talking about your business.


Email marketing is one of the most impactful, efficient and customer accessible tools for your business. When done effectively, it adds value to your brand, engages customers, and creates sales. We can design, build, and optimize your email marketing to help you build relationships with current and potential customers and increase your sales efforts.

Is marketing taking up too much time and money? We can fix that!

Let’s face it, getting visible is what it takes to grow. Using our 4-step process for online copywriting success, our team of professional writers, creatives and data scientists offer the measurable results others can’t.

Our Client Reviews

Welcome To AOU Creative

Persuasive storytelling backed by the power of data science

Your B2B business isn’t like all of the rest – and your marketing shouldn’t be either. AOU Creative Group helps women-owned businesses get visible to their ideal customers – leading to better leads, more website traffic, and higher sales. We understand what it takes to succeed as a woman-owned business — and our researched, data-driven decisions, and the strategic advice can get you to your growth goals.
Persuasive storytelling, creative content, and SEO copywriting
Research, strategic planning, and data analysis

What Makes Us Different

Your story has power. Harness it to transform your business.


Our team of certified SEO copywriters has extensive experience writing for businesses ready to grow. Advanced degrees and a passion for brand story means we can take your reputation from business owner to thought leader.


The magic of SEO is that not only can you harness the power of your story, but get it into the hands of your customers. Technical SEO experts use high-value tools to ensure that your business…your story…is at the top of search results.


Deeply researched SEO copy can transform your business into the thought leader it should be. Specializing in crafting authoritative, expert work that builds reputation management into your story. Transform your ability to dominate your niche.

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When you’re ready to find out how to increase your revenue using copywriting and strategic, data-informed decisions we can help.

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New Email Subscribers

Clients have seen increases in their email subscribers when they use our SEO copywriting services. These new subscribers are with you to learn more about you and lead to higher sales.

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New Leads from SEO

When you get clear on your SEO strategy, the phone starts ringing. Using tools and consistent content, you can get found by search engines and build your business.

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Lifted Online Sales

SEO helps your potential customers find you. Nobody wants to be a secret business with great ideas but no one to buy them. That’s where we come in! Sell more now.

Our Projects

Case Studies

Want to know more about the work that we’ve done for clients?
Check out a few of our favorites.

ad clicks up 122%

ad clicks up 122%

Scott was frustrated by long sales cycles, few conversions, and lower revenue than he needed to grow the way he knew his business could. He didn't have a marketing team or time to start one. Six months later with AOU Creative as his copywriting partner, his website traffic is up 39%, organic Google paid ad clicks up 122%, 52 conversions, and over $100k in revenue increase.

1st page in 30 days

1st page in 30 days

Using on and off-page SEO strategies, we took an NYC-based divorce therapist from the back of Google search results to the 1st page. That was great...and it happened in just 30 days. Now, she gets organic leads from search engines and her 2021 revenue is up. After a few more weeks, she is at the top of multiple pages and gaining clients on a regular basis.

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